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The Annie Awards - Dec 13 2007

The Backyardigans is nominated for the Best Animated Television Production for Children at The Annie Awards!

Year of the Polygon at Pictoplasma Animation Festival! - Nov 25 2007

The annual Pictoplasma Festival is an incomparable experience: unconventional design conference, dense line-up of international artist lectures, forward looking animation film festival, communal play ground…

Year of Polygon at Ottawa 2007 - Aug 10 2007

This thing we did for our friends at Board's Mag back in March was so fun to watch we thought we'd turn it into a Meaningful Thought Provoking Short Film.Of course we didn't want to waste any more precious…

Backyardigans Season III - Feb 15 2007

Guru takes on a full 15 episodes of every parent's favourite kid show, The Backyardigans. Now go buy your kids all the toys so we can make some more for everyone next year!

Enablex National Campaign Spots for DDB NY - Jan 23 2007

We did 'em. You'll see them if you watch Jay Leno or Conan. Ok, I guess you won't see them. The orange pastel coloured balloon is a Mrs. She shops and travels and generally lives the good life but then…

C-Rex in the Wilderness - Jan 21 2007

He's trying to find himself. Next year we'll probably see him doing some radical self expression at Burning Man. no biggie there. He's already naked.