Sep 23, 2003
Birds Beats Bruvvaz and Bikkies
Yo,homes: When PWLC Leeds was lookin' to create a hip hop rapping size 14 robin for their new Fox's biscuits campaign who ya'll think 'dem UK brothas gone and called? guru. Damn straight.

Ya'll may not realize this, but this suckkha gon' be tha' first time dem homies at guru be steppin' up to tha world ah' hip hop and they doin' it in style: they all sat down, got they snack on, got they drink on, got all blunted an' found 'emselves a wack ah' videos, magazines an' all kinda otha' shee-it so as they could immerse 'emselves in da world ah' bling an booty. It be a fine bidness we in.

Wid nuthin' but a scribble an some props to Snoop Dogg, my man Sir Frankus Falconus (Frank Falcone) took to directin' his crew at guru; A++ (Mark Ainslie), Shawtie Ho (Bryan Huo), Count D-AV (Dave Calder), T-Mak Atak(Taras Primak), Dim Dim Dormy-D (Tim Dormady) and 2-Kan Tizzy (Timmy Kan). Thay started layin' tha' cut on a ghetto-fabulous new 3D robin, he be all decked out in his mink and bling an' shit, yo, straight-up. We ain't frontin' fo' no phoney here. True dat. We here ta' represent. Mad props t'all tha lil' homey juniahs, Rocky R's keepin'it real, yo, but not so that he ain't sho'in respect to all dem parents out there, know what'm sayin'?

And heads up y'all, tha Fox Biscuit Posse gots 'emselves one stone-cold pimp daddy. "Rocky R" got tha' skeelz, he gots tha' show, he got tha honour and he got tha flow.