Feb 19, 2004
Bumper to Bumper
Q: How many places can you stick a chiclet in under 10 seconds? Oh stop it and pull up your pants.

A: We're talking about the famous Teletoon chiclet logo.

Guru wraps up our extended Teletoon project this week as we deliver the last of 25 10 second bumpers for the 'toon caster's on air identity package. As part of the initial creative brief, which evolved during the course of production, Guru was asked to create 15 promos that would involve original characters made from of the network's "chiclet" logo. Eventually, Teletoon let guru loose to interpret the project brief and it took off in some strange and interesting new directions. Monkeys get angry, cattle run scared, sheep get shaved, the aged gain youthful vigor, and chickens... well, you'll just have to see what those poor chickens go through.