Oct 04, 2012
Guru Studio at MIP Junior
MIP Junior Spotlight: Guru Studio Published: October 3, 2012
CANNES: Guru Studio’s popular preschool series Justin Time continues to perform well around the world, and the company will be presenting the show at MIP Junior.

“We will be closing new sales this market” for the show, says Frank Falcone, the president and creative director at Guru Studio. “We expect to see the continued expansion of Justin Time as a major independent ‘upper preschool’ children’s brand that reaches right across the preschool spectrum and even delights older kids and parents as a guilty pleasure!”
Nemesis is Guru’s new comedy for boys in which a single story is shown from the perspective of two very different characters. “We’re developing this series with TELETOON Canada and creator Jamie Waese (The Doodlebops),” says Falcone. “Spaceface is our 7-to-11 comedy series and Port Little features a bustling community with charming woodland animals that help keep everything moving.”

Falcone adds, “We’re going to MIP this fall with a strong lineup of energetic preschool shows, a return to something more gentle, and a few comedies for boys 6 to 11.”