Jun 27, 2012
My first experience with The Licensing Show could not have been better. I traveled as an associate with Guru's president as the company came to embark upon their very first licensing program around their original international hit preschool cartoon show JUSTIN TIME. The show is broadcast in over 55 countries including Sprout! in the US. Guru's pedigree in managing long running top US based advertising and branding campaigns makes them well positioned for a foray into this new business.
In fact, Guru came to the show having already signed a publisher to produce a storybook series which will be in stores this fall. We came to seek out agents, licensees and any other new opportunities.
The Mandalay Bay convention center floor can lure anyone into the colourful and inviting world of kids licensing; the captivating new ‘eye-candy’, the nostalgic brands and the highly creative marketing and branding on display at all the booths across the floor was overwhelming.

Guru has a 12 year reputation for producing some of the most creative animation and branding work in Canada; but we’re only the cusp of the many opportunities the children’s licensing industry provides. The key is to identify those best suited for our brand and to execute on them appropriately.
We’re proud to say the reception to JUSTIN TIME and our first book in the series was extremely positive.
We also learned that to further develop these opportunities, we need to consider the differences in creating a brand that appeals to broadcasters, versus creating a brand that appeals to toy and merchandising license. Two worlds that are just as often similar as they are diametrically opposed in messaging!

An angry bird is bigger than a frog hungry for candy, sleepy time products - though nice for moms - are poison for a broadcaster ... Disney is going big - and very unlikely are they going home!!